Various grooving with bamboo vol 1 - Various CD : Grooving With The Grim Reaper (2-CD) - Bear.

groove , from . grod "pit," or . groeve "furrow, ditch," from . *grobo (cf. grof "brook, river bed," . gruoba "ditch," Goth. groba "pit, cave," . græf "ditch"), related to grave (n.). Sense of "long, narrow channel or furrow" is 1659. Meaning "spiral cut in a phonograph record" is from 1902. Fig. sense of "routine" is from 1842, often depreciatory at first, "a rut." Adj. groovy is 1853 in lit. sense of "of a groove;" 1937 in slang sense of "excellent," from jazz slang phrase in the groove (1932) "performing well (without grandstanding)." As teen slang for "wonderful," ... it dates from 1944; popularized 1960s, out of currency by 1980.

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Various Grooving With Bamboo Vol 1Various Grooving With Bamboo Vol 1Various Grooving With Bamboo Vol 1Various Grooving With Bamboo Vol 1