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In 2014, the biographic musical Cazuza - Pro Dia Nascer Feliz opened in São Paulo . It featured songs from Cazuza's solo career as well as from his time as frontman of Barão Vermelho. The musical was directed by João Fonseca and toured Brazil for two years.

One silhouette taking on inspiration from Wotherspoon’s Nike Air Max 97 x Air Max 1 hybrid is the upcoming Nike Air Max 95 “Embossed Fur” which sees a pony hair and cowhide construction with suede and mesh accents. The lineup will also include a “Cider” and “Black” colorway. Unfortunately these premium AM95s are for the ladies only. Look for them to drop at Nike retailers on December 7.

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Winner of Nike’s RevolutionAIR program Sean Wotherspoon recently shared some sample colorways of his winning Air Max 1/97 hybrid model. Wotherspoon’s mashup model, which features corduroy panels and a four-color outsole, beat out 12 other designs and is set to release sometime next year. Luckily the Round Two co-owner decided to offer us a sneak peek. In the Instagram stories posted by Wotherspoon from the Nike World Campus, we see what appears to be a Michigan-inspired navy and yellow colorway and a tonal light blue look of the corduroy Air Max 1/97 hybrid model. Check out the sample above and let us know what you think.

Robert Wotherspoon Music To Massage Your Mate ByRobert Wotherspoon Music To Massage Your Mate ByRobert Wotherspoon Music To Massage Your Mate ByRobert Wotherspoon Music To Massage Your Mate By