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After a two decade hiatus, the legendary Crime & the City Solution is back with a new incarnation based in a new home city, Detroit, and a truly stunning new CD, ‘American Twilight’, out in March 2013.

Capone married Mae Josephine Coughlin at age 19 on December 30, 1918. She was Irish Catholic and earlier that month had given birth to their son Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone. Capone was under the age of 21, and his parents had to consent in writing to the marriage. [15]

Partition of India into two, later three mutually suspicious nations, intensification of sectarian, caste and other loyalties, rise of extremism and militancy and a generally deteriorating security scenario made large scale expansion of police, intelligence and allied agencies investable, ., created in 1965, swelled to 161 battalions and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)to 135 Battalions. A special protection group (.) formed to provide protection to the Prime Minister, Former . and their extended families would cost the nation some 250 million rupees in the mid-1990’s . security consumed 30% of the Delhi Police strength and become a major drain on police budgets everywhere. Many other forces were raised and existing ones strengthened. By 1994, there were under the union home ministry, over half a million men in uniform, specially trained to handle new areas of social turmoil.

This consensus hasn’t made the slightest dent in the ongoing search for systemic racism. An entire industry in the law schools now dedicates itself to flushing out prosecutorial and judicial bias, using ever more complicated statistical artillery. The net result? A few new studies show tiny, unexplained racial disparities in sentencing, while other analyses continue to find none. Any differences that do show up are trivially small compared with the exponentially greater rates of criminal offending among blacks. No criminologist would claim, moreover, to have controlled for every legal factor that affects criminal-justice outcomes, says Patrick Langan, former senior statistician for the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Prosecutors and judges observe the heinousness of a defendant’s conduct, for example, but a number-crunching researcher has no easy way to discover and quantify that variable.

We notify law enforcement and first responders via a digital alert (in-car device or mobile app) of the precise location with a full set of contextual information about the incident

Crime The City Solution The Dangling Man EPCrime The City Solution The Dangling Man EPCrime The City Solution The Dangling Man EPCrime The City Solution The Dangling Man EP