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The unfortunate cyberchondriacs found on these pro-Scientology so-called support sites are a combination of drug addicts, the untreated mentally ill, dangerous lunatics, and/or lonely social misfits with nothing else to do. They’ve often been pressured by abusive site owners/admins/moderators/peers into stopping the very medications that had previously helped them lead normal lives. These sad people have been brainwashed into believing harmless prescription drugs are really an evil conspiracy involving Big Pharma, doctors, psychiatry and world governments. They’re not victims of Big Pharma but of a cult.

From my experiences, I can remember the first day I took prednisone for my colitis.  It was right after I had my colonoscopy and was diagnosed with the disease.  We went to the pharmacy and picked up the steroid pills, and I immediately popped two 10mg pills in my mouth.  The taste was definitely not very pleasant.  Prednisone is one of those pills that you want to swallow quickly and not leave in your mouth for long because it tastes nasty.  But anyways, I can remember how within about an hour, all of a sudden I had an incredible amount of energy, and I told my wife I thought I was cured from the disease.  It’s true, the prednisone gave me a huge burst of energy and my pains in my abdomen seemed to go away instantly.  This was strange, especially since I had been dealing with 10 plus bloody bowel movements per day for quite a while, but at the same time it seemed like a miracle was happening.

Penny was initially successful in losing 40 pounds prior to the surgery during a trial hospitalization that kept her on a 1,200 calorie diet. She started this process at 530 pounds, and got down to 490. After weight loss surgery, however, she gained five pounds, and stayed around 495 despite being in the same restricted calorie hospital situation she had been in prior to surgery. Dr. Nowzaradan said there was no way this could be unless she was somehow getting food snuck in.