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The band, named Laboratorija Zvuka, featured musicians with whom the Vranešević brothers previously worked in studio: Aleksandar Pejak (guitar), Stevan Lukić (guitar), Laslo Pihler (drums), Vera Lajko (vocals, keyboards), Dina Kurbatfinsky Vranešević (Mladen Vranešević's wife, vocals), Aleksandar "Caki" Kravić (bass guitar), and Olah Vince (violin). With the song "Dok vam je još vreme" ("While You Still Can") they appeared on the Opatija Festival. After the success of the single, they recorded their debut album. Telo ( The Body ), released through Jugoton in 1980, [1] was a concept album , with the A-side entitled Vrline ( Virtues ), [2] featuring the songs which celebrated asceticism and healthy lifestyle, and the B-side, entitled Poroci ( Vices ), [3] featuring songs about bodily pleasures. The album opens with an acted transmission from the bodybuilding competition in Bački Jarak , and is followed by new wave -oriented (but also featuring elements of other genres) songs "Suvarak" ("Spall"), "Lepo telo" ("Pretty Body", featuring a quotation from Oliver Dragojević 's song "Oprosti mi, pape"), "Alkohol, žene i..." ("Alcohol, Women and...", featuring a quotation from the Rolling Stones ' " (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction "), "Bajna mašina" ("Fabulous Machine"), and other songs. [4]

Laboratorija NevinostLaboratorija NevinostLaboratorija NevinostLaboratorija Nevinost