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Morris suggests that you can sometimes find profundity in triviality - and though Joyce condemns herself out of her own mouth, it is always possible to feel sorry for a woman whose obsession has so totally ruled her life.

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As Alan licked Jill's pussy and put his tongue in his wife, he realised something was wrong down there. He was left in no doubt as to what that was, when she opened her purse, which was next to her on the sofa and put a wad of notes on her stomach just above her pubic hair line, right in front of his face.

"Do you see that Alan?" she asked.

"That is all the money that men on the street gave me, to let them fuck me and shoot their filth in my pussy. The very filth you are eating out of me now."

Alan jerked back and glared at her.

"What did you say?" he growled through gritted teeth, "You dirty fucking whore." Alan shouted as he spat out whatever had come from this dirty bitch's cunt.

Jill was in no mood to take shit from this no good, lying, cheating, useless piece of crap that she called her husband.

"You heard me asshole, you are eating cum dumped in me, by dirty punters I picked up off the street," she taunted.

"I have been fucking men non-stop for two days, and loving every inch banged into me and every drop of cum they dumped into me," she lied.

Alan made to move towards her menacingly.

"Listen, you bastard, if you lay one finger on me, two things will happen. I will go straight to a lawyer and the police and have you investigated for anything I can get you with. Fraud, negligence, misappropriation of funds whatever sticks."

Without pausing Jill continued.

"The second thing I will do is bring my rather violent pimp round here and he will put you in the hospital for a year," The lies coming thick and fast now.

"That's right asshole, I have a pimp, and he is a massive black guy who has first go on all the girls he runs, Jill sneered. He fucked me three times before any punter got near me, just to break me in and make sure that me and my body were good enough, and up to the task, if you know what I mean," Jill winked.

"I want you out of this house in thirty minutes, and if I ever see your lousy, rotten, stinking face again, I will take a hammer to it," she promised.

That was six months ago. Alan had left Jill, the house and the business. He was history.

In those months Jill had run the business in the way it should be. She was not in debt (especially not in hock to a loan shark) and she was making money, but the bastard wanted his share of the house and was starting to see solicitors to make a compulsory sale, or to receive his share. Jill could not even contemplate giving up her house, she loved it there and had sleepless nights trying to think of ways to get the asshole (she never referred to him by name anymore) paid off and out of her life.

Through threats of legal action over how he had misappropriated the businesses funds etc, they had come to a compromise over how much he was willing to settle for. It was a much better proposition for Jill, but she still had to come up with the money somehow. Now trading on a profitable basis, meant she could re-mortgage the house to raise most of the money. However she was still a few thousand short.

She couldn't believe that she could be in the same predicament twice, she needed quick money. Jill considered all her options, and found she hadn't got many. All the time the obvious thought would not go away,

She couldn't possibly contemplate THAT could she?

Fate took a hand.

One summer's day she was in the park with her daughter Alison and her grandchildren. As Jill watched them play, she was approached by a man. He was in his thirties and quite reasonably presented.

"Excuse me Ms, you don't know me, but do you think I could have a quick word with you please?"

Jill didn't know the man, but in the park in the middle of the day seemed safe enough, and Alison was leading the children towards the slides so she knew they would be awhile.

"What can I do for you?" Jill asked.

"Well..." he hesitated,

"I saw you at work one night with Jarrod and his crew, and I thought I might have a word with you."

"Oh Jesus no," Jill thought.

"Here comes the blackmail, I knew this was bound to happen. Here comes the demand for money, or worse still, for sexual favours."

"I would like to put a business proposition to you if I may," the man continued.

"I provide services for discerning clients, and wondered if you would be interested in helping me provide them, with what it is they require."

"You mean you are a pimp and you are looking for working girls," stated Jill.

"Well yes and no, I do operate girls, but I'm not a pimp as you know it. Permit me to explain. A lot of men just want a quickie, and use a street girl, as you well know. I have several clients however who want a bit more than that."

"You mean like an escort girl?" asked Jill.

"Well sort of, but more like a niche market, where different preferences are satisfied." he said.

Jill bristled.

"Look I don't know what you take me for, or what makes you think a woman like me would be interested in that sort of thing......," she said indignantly (and not a little hypocritically).

"You mean the sort of woman that does black gangbangs?" countered the man. Listen lady, if you need to make good money, and not the cheap trick variety, here's my card," He handed her his business card.

"If you don't fine, no harm done. But just one thing before you go, let's be honest, you aren't good enough, young enough or attractive enough, to get by hustling against those girls. Find yourself a niche with me and you will do well."

Jill managed to keep her calm and whispered,

"Those days were the worst of my life, a nightmare of debasement and degradation that still keeps me awake at night. I was forced to do it, so if you think I am going to chose to do it, so casually you are crazy."

"That was on the streets Mrs, he stated blandly. Consider this, if you went out with a man one night, for dinner or entertainment etc, you might consider sleeping with him yes?"

"Not as though it's any of your business, but I suppose so yes," Jill replied.

"Then why not do the same thing only earn well from it?" he asked holding his hands open in a questioning gesture. Go out with a guy and have some fun, and let him pay good money for your company."

Jill took his card and they parted. Several months later Jill was getting even closer to the pay off date agreed between the solicitors.

She had to DO something.

"Please God don't let me have to go back to THAT."

She decided to call Errol, just to talk it over.

The discussion went backwards and forwards, Jill adamant that being a common prostitute was not for her, until Errol explained,

"Ok look, let's give this a try. I have a customer that wants a girl. The story of this guy is that, he is clean, well dressed and polite. The trouble is he ain't exactly good looking if you know what I mean. His little foible is to arrange a girl somewhere and act as though they have just met. His ego thing is that he likes to act as though you find him attractive and that he is so handsome you can't resist him and he seduces you."

"That doesn't sound too bad," admitted Jill.

"That's right sugar, it's a single guy and he just needs the satisfaction of feeling, he has succeeded in picking up a woman and sleeping with her, even if it has been arranged."

"Like I said it's not like whoring, it's like a date," said Errol.

After all she had been through before, physically during the acts she was forced to perform, and mentally afterwards, Jill couldn't believe that she agreed to it.

She was walking, eyes wide open, back into the nightmare.

Jill received her instructions. The guy was white, 6ft and would wear jeans, a fleece jacket and carry a newspaper, so she knew who he was. Jill was to dress in black stockings and suspenders with a short (but not too short to be in public in) skirt. Her bra and panties were her choice as was the top she would wear.

She was to make her way to the adult movie theatre across town and pay for a certain movie. Once in the cinema she would sit in a certain place, or as near to it as possible and wait. She would act perfectly natural and let him come on to her, she would flirt and allow herself to be seduced. Dependant on the clients wishes, or how close to them others were sat, he would either fuck Jill in the cinema or take her someplace else. She would receive no money on the night.

Jill looked at herself in her underwear in the mirror. She was devastated that yet again life had forced her into making, not just a personal sacrifice, everyone makes them, but into such sordid and shameful acts. To do this for the second time was terrible.

Jill arrived at the cinema and duly followed her orders. She watched as several single men entered and sat spaced out in the theatre. Three boys of around nineteen sat across the aisle on the same row as her. Jill sat feeling pitiful and sad, at her lamentable situation. She was sat waiting for a stranger to come and have sex with her. She waited and waited but her 'date' didn't show. The movie started and Jill was unsure what to do.

"Hey lady, you wanna have some fun?"

One of the gang of three had crept across to sit by her.

"I am waiting for my husband, so if you don't want a good hiding I would push off if I was you," snarled Jill.

"Whooo Little Miss Snooty I presume," laughed the boy.

Jill had waited long enough, and to be honest she wanted a chance to get out of this repulsive situation.

"Look I am leaving anyway," said Jill and edged to the aisle and made a move towards the front.

"Hey momma, don't you know you use the back entrance, once the show has started?" a boy whispered.

Flustered, Jill turned round and exited the auditorium at the back.

Her big mistake.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she realised she was in a stairwell. She saw two doors. The exit door, she found locked, and another door which was open, which she could see was empty except for a table and some chairs.

Jill turned to climb the stairs only to be confronted by the gang.

"Now where do you think you are going Little Miss Snooty?" asked one boy. She didn't notice one of the others had moved behind her, until she saw the blade in front of her eyes.

"Scream and you will never see again bitch," he hissed.

Jill was pulled into the empty room and the door closed. She was constantly telling them her husband would be looking for her and to leave her alone.

"Look bitch, we haven't the time or patience for this wailing."

"I don't want any dialogue, no drawn out pleading, no trying to appeal to our better nature. It's happening Ok?" boy number two hissed. We are going to take what we want, we are going to take it quickly, and we are going to take it now. I WILL cut you if you resist."

Putting the knife under her chin, he said,

"Get your tits out bitch, I wanna see those babies."

Jill was mortified. This was happening so quickly she even wondered if she was dreaming.

"Oh my God," she thought as she realised the simple truth, I am going to be raped by these three men."

There was no question of prolonging the rape so they could enjoy her more, in this location they had to move fast. They had looked the place over and found it to be secluded whilst the movie was showing, but you never know when some nosy fucker would come wandering by.

"Lose the blouse and bra or have them shredded," commanded the first guy.

Stupefied, Jill hesitated (for the first and last time) and felt the smack across her face. She was stunned, but it had the desired effect and stirred her, frightened and shaking into action. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and took the bra from her breasts. The still pert nipples hardened instantly in the cool room. Jill stood proud as three boys mauled her tits. The third guy who had been quietest up until now took malicious delight in pinching her nipples and watching Jill wince.

"Move it lady, we ain't got all day, he hissed, "Let's see the cunt."

Nauseated by the crude terminology for her body and the fact she knew she had no options, Jill unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She lowered her panties, down around her thighs, stood before them and spread her feet.

Jill got a couple of wolf whistles at her appearance.

"You got dressed in those stockings just for us babe?" mocked boy number three, I think you might have been out looking for it you slut."

Jill cursed the fact, that today of all days, she would just happen to be dressed like this.

"On your knees darling, you've got some work to do," she was ordered.

Whilst Kneeling on the floor, with three young men fishing their cocks from their trousers for her to suck, Jill knew, that being a whore had been a terrible ordeal for her, but being raped was going to be a different ball-game altogether.

"Just a little suck sweetheart while my little friend here is ready for you," taunted boy number one.

With the resignation setting in and the hesitancy being knocked out of her by the violence, Jill sucked their cocks. They gathered round her and made her alternate between them. Knelt on a dirty floor, having to perform oral sex on strangers, it was deja vu in the worst possible way for her.

Jill was made to spit and slobber on their cocks and make lewd noises as though she was enjoying this. That went on for a while, cock after cock, her ministrations resulting in three very hard and ready young cocks.

Jill was dragged to her feet by her breasts.

"Come on bitch its show time," snarled the second man. He pushed her backwards on the table, hitched her skirt and grabbed her panties, which were still around Jill's thighs. He took a masochistic pleasure in pulling them down slowly. He opened Jill's stocking clad legs and gazed at his prize.

"I hope that pussy is nice and wet for the visitors it's got coming," said man number three and leant over from the side to run his fingers up the length of her labia. He roughly pushed a finger into Jill's vagina.

"Hey guys, this slut is wet, I told you she was looking for a few hard cocks," he laughed.

"Let's get it on man," the man between her legs was urged. Jill clenched her eyes closed and gripped the side of the table as she felt the cock rub up and down her labia, wetting the rock hard length. Then the feeling that was becoming all too familiar, a strangers cock parting her labia and pushing into her hot, wet, pink folds.

She was raped.

The rape was far from subtle, they had neither the time nor the patience to do anything but quickly take turns fucking her. Jill realised that this meant they had no aversion to putting their penises into her semen filled vagina either. They took no time-out to let their comrades cum dribble out of her before they took his place.

Jill endured.

As three men each took her in turn, banging into her with no finesse what so ever, the table rocked with the violence of the fucking her vagina was taking. Her nipples being deliberately hurt by the obnoxious and nasty violators.

They were done, they had used her.

A few minutes after Jill had felt the third flood of semen entering her vagina, and her rapist pulling out of her, she realised she was alone.

She was trying to block out what was happening so much, that she hadn't heard them leave. Jill slowly raised her back off the table and sat up. The semen ran from her in a torrent. She gingerly lowered herself to the floor, her thighs and the tops of her stockings were wet with semen and the stockings were ripped and laddered. Gripping her blouse close to her chest she looked around for her panties, and commenced dressing the best she could.

There was an old mirror on the wall, Jill looked into it and saw her face was a mess with smudged and smeared makeup. It was a legacy of cocks, wet from her mouth, slapping across her face, hands grabbing her face as the owners of them raped her and her own tears.

Jill slowly tried to make her self presentable to get herself home. She left the movie theatre and made her way home.

After a bath that lasted hours, trying to cleanse the filth from her body especially that which was inside her, Jill went to bed still gently weeping.

The next day, Jill made her way to see Errol, she had better apologise and explain why she had failed to make the meeting with his client. Climbing the stairs and wearily entering his make shift office, in the crummy warehouse in which he based himself.

Errol saw Jill and smiled.

"Ah Jill baby, well done my girl you were superb."

Jill was confused.

"Errol I have to tell you, I didn't make the appointment, something awful has happened."

"No, no my dear, Oh Jill what a star - you are," he said in rhyme.

"You did everything I could have wished for."

"I'm sorry Errol, but you're just not listening to me," Jill tried to explain.

"You were perfecto darling," Errol purred.

The penny was starting to drop for Jill.

"Just wait a moment Errol, are you actually telling me that last night was ARRANGED?" she asked incredulously.

"Of course darling, and let me tell you, the client was full of praise for you." Errol said.

Jill screamed.

"You mean to tell me, I have been gang raped and suffered the worst night of my life and it was actually set up by you?" hysterically, she continued.

"You lousy bastard, I ought to kill you," she hissed. Why didn't you tell me, I could have refused, or at least endured it as a group sex assignment, without being raped?"

Errol explained.

"Listen Jill, the client is the son of a multi-millionaire from round here. Him and his mates are bored stupid and need a bit of unusual action for kicks." Jill glared at him as he went on.

"This guy has screwed all the young, hot women around here, and desperately wanted something new."

"Like raping me you mean," Jill shouted.

"He wanted him and his buddies to rape someone, but he didn't want to get the law on his case," Errol explained. "He was willing to pay well for the privilege, so I gave him you."

Jill made for the door, crestfallen. The experience of rape was all too much. Errol continued.

"Look Jill if I had told you the arrangement, you would probably have refused, or gone along trying to pretend your way through it, in an amateur way. You would have tried to ham act your way through and made a mess of it." Guiltily he said,

"This way the client got exactly what he wanted, a bone fide rape."

Jill's hand was on the door knob.

"I don't ever want to see your face again," she whispered.

"Wait babe, aren't you forgetting something?" he asked, holding out an envelope.

She went back to him and looked in the envelope and saw the wad of money. Jill raised her eyes to meet Errol's and he said,

"I told you he was filthy rich and you made his wish come true. Money means nothing to him, there is three grand for you in that packet."

Jill stared at the money,

"Three grand for a quick fuck, doesn't seem so bad now, does it sugar?" said Errol.

Having sex with all those strangers in back alleys came to Jill's mind. She remembered the revulsion she felt, as they pawed her and used her, then paid her peanuts.

She made a decision.

"I will still feel the same revulsion, but if I am to be made to live like this, as a common whore, then I want those bastards to pay dearly," she thought.

Errol approached Jill, took her hand and gently kissed her forehead. Jill looked into his eyes and said,

"Ring me when the next job comes in."

For a few weeks Jill had a variety of uninteresting (for her) assignments. She had told Errol that on no account was she willing to get involved with the pissers and shitters. This turned her stomach and Jill told Errol,

"There is not enough money in the world to make me do that, desperate as I am."

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