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When Salmon fishing here in No. Cali, I wrap a chunk of fish roe in a small piece of cheesecloth. Caught several lunkers using this. Was taught by a wise old fisherman.

After a touchdown by Denver Broncos ' running back CJ Anderson during the December 7 game, two officials acknowledged the call through the use of a fist bump . [6] [7] The move was seen by many Bills fans and players, including defensive back Aaron Williams, [6] as an insensitive gesture, with some likening the gesture to a conspiracy. [8] [9] However, the NFL responded saying the gesture was "an acknowledgment of good mechanics between the two officials involved in making the call." [10]

Gale Kruger, age 70, of Tomah, formerly of Cassville, passed away Tuesday, December 26, 2017, at the Tomah VA Medical Center.

'These results may provide a rationale for using PRX as an anti-cataract agent and warrant further biological studies,' they wrote in the journal Inorganic Chemistry.

"I like to have fun when I play and I like comedy - but it's not a conscious thing. I'm basically a pretty shy person and I don't dance or get into fights. But there are all these things inside me that get out when I perform. It's like a real world when I play, where I can do all the things I can't do in real life." - Bill Frisell to The Village Voice

The 2014 Buffalo Bills season was the franchise's 45th season in the National Football League, 55th season of competition, second under head coach Doug Marrone and ...

On Tuesday, at the 17th National Environmental Tar Creek Conference in Miami, speakers repeatedly said the emphasis was shifting to surface waters in the region.

Jim Coleman Cloudy Days It Dont Seem Like You Love MeJim Coleman Cloudy Days It Dont Seem Like You Love MeJim Coleman Cloudy Days It Dont Seem Like You Love Me