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Unlike most sequels, Time Further Out is a worthy successor to Time Out . Among the numbers introduced on this impressive set are "It's a Raggy Waltz" and "Unsquare Dance" (the latter an ancestor of Don Ellis ' "Pussy Wiggle Stomp"). The selections, which range in time signatures from 5/4 to 9/8, are handled with apparent ease (or at least not too much difficulty) by pianist Brubeck , altoist Paul Desmond , bassist Eugene Wright , and drummer Joe Morello on this near-classic.

"Strange Meadow Lark" begins with a piano solo that exhibits no clear time signature, but then settles into a fairly ordinary 4
4 swing once the rest of the group joins. "Take Five" is in 5
4 throughout. According to Desmond, "It was never supposed to be a hit. It was supposed to be a Joe Morello drum solo." [11] "Three to Get Ready" begins in waltz-time, after which it begins to alternate between two measures of 3
4 and two of 4
4 . "Kathy's Waltz", named after Brubeck's daughter Cathy but misspelled, starts in 4
4 , and only later switches to double-waltz time before merging the two. "Everybody's Jumpin'" is mainly in a very flexible 6
4 , while "Pick Up Sticks" firms that up into a clear and steady 6
4 .

Dave Brubeck Quartet Time ChangesDave Brubeck Quartet Time ChangesDave Brubeck Quartet Time ChangesDave Brubeck Quartet Time Changes