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Who Are You was recorded at the time when punk rock was highly popular. This is not reflected in the album's music, which incorporates elements of progressive rock and, according to biographer Tony Fletcher , was produced in such a way as to appeal to commercial rock radio at the time. [3] The album showcases some of Townshend's most complicated arrangements , with multiple layers of synthesizer and strings . Many of the songs also revisited themes from Townshend's long-contemplated Lifehouse project, featuring lyrics about songwriting and music as a metaphor for life, as indicated by titles like "Guitar and Pen", " New Song ", "Music Must Change", and " Sister Disco ". [4] The latter two, along with "Who Are You", ultimately appeared on Lifehouse Chronicles , Townshend's actualization of the project. Several of the song's lyrics also reflect Townshend's uncertainty about The Who's continued relevance in the wake of punk rock. [5]

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Pete Townshend Empty GlassPete Townshend Empty GlassPete Townshend Empty GlassPete Townshend Empty Glass