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- Eigth Winds by Bob Arden
- Bridge to Vallabha by Tina Malia
- Timeless Love by Paul Vens
- Dance section:
* Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) [feat. Jasmine Thompson] by Felix Jaehn
* Another Day in Paradise by Remady & Manu L
* Are You With Me (Radio Edit) by TBM
* Reality (feat. Janieck Devy) by TBM
* Take Shelter by Years & Years

“I’m the only one stupid enough to work the crazily steep vines in Reil” says Thorsten Melsheimer, the perfect picture of a Saxon in rude health. “It’s not as if the vines are actually facing in an ideal direction either. It forces you to work hard. It helps to be biodynamic. You have to slash the yield and pick insanely late. I bought some vines in a perfect south facing vineyard on the other side of the river and the wines are not as interesting – the vines are just lazy!”
Thorsten is certainly not lazy – certified Ecovin (Organic) since 1997, he has been nursing old vines back to life, rebuilding walls in the remotest, steepest, least accessible parts of the Mullay-Hofberg vineyard. “When I get really hot working in the vines, I jump into the Mosel for a quick swim to cool off.”

In 2002, he performed at the Budapest Spring Festival in Hungary. Performances of the symphonies Tales of Kira Kutan and Wolkenstein at the Festival "Live at Sunset" in Zurich, with Sinfonia Varsovia, followed, as did a European summer tour, with the newly formed AVAF-mini orchestra, that included a performance at the "Big Chill Festival" in England and continued that fall. It was around this time that he collaborated with German film composer Hans Zimmer , in Los Angeles, on the music score for the movie Tears of the Sun (starring Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci ). In 2003, he continued his work with Zimmer. A performance followed, with his mini orchestra, in Johannesburg and at the "North Sea Festival" in Cape Town . [ citation needed ]

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Sailing Songs . Lots of song writers, bands, singers connect with sailing and the sea. Here's a long list of songs to sail by. Not surprisingly Jimmy Buffet has more ...

” Is there a world outside (of) your knowledge?  Can you go beyond what you know?   You may postulate a world beyond the mind, but it will remain a concept, unproved and unprovable.  Your experience is your proof …and it is valid for you only.  Who else can have your experience, when the other person is only as real as he (or she) appears in your experience” – Nisargadatta.

Andreas Vollenweider Down To The MoonAndreas Vollenweider Down To The MoonAndreas Vollenweider Down To The MoonAndreas Vollenweider Down To The Moon