Impressions its all right - Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus First Impressions: Strong.

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It’s actually quite addicting, taking out waves of enemies with a song that matches to your actions is beyond awesome. Trying to synch up shots and have it look badass will definitely be on your to-do list when playing the game as it is too much fun to pass up. However, if you were looking for new level structures, you are kind of out of luck.

As far as I can tell the only apps you can use are those that come from the Windows store. If I press the Windows button on the keyboard or the center Xbox button on my controller then it brings up a Start menu-style interface (shown above.) I can pick some pre-selected apps here like Microsoft Edge for web browsing, a Photo viewer, a Video client, and more. Among those suggested are games as well, like Candy Crush, and Minecraft. If launched, they appear in a floating window just like other 2D apps.

I traveled to many of barrios in the city and lived in centro in an upcoming area where most things were newly built. I am not saying that places in Santiago or Chile aren’t clean but when you have the moniker of being the “Switzerland of the South” which implies being absolutely spotless. Santiago is not the cleanest of cities and I can say that considering that I did visit almost all the barrios including upper, middle, and lower classes.

In another nearby house, Sebastian explores several rooms and learns that something is in fact not quite right--with many of the furniture upending themselves and being tossed against the walls. Suddenly, he finds himself cornered by a wailing siren that desperately wants to get a hold of him. In order to make it out alive, you'll have to sneak past this creature and find an escape from the building, which has now shifted into a derelict office. Managing to make it out alive, and netting some valuable gear, the Siren teleports in front of Sebastian in the middle of the street. After getting a hold of him, she sucks the lifeforce out of him--and of course, the demo ends there. The siren also represents the demo's timed finish, cutting to black with a title splash and release date.

The gun is extremely controllable on fully automatic provided a proper stance and proper technique are used. M27 gunners were engaging targets well out to 500, 600 meters with one shot hits and immediately taking out near targets of opportunity with bursts and magazine dumps. For Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), the M27 performed at the same level as an M4, if only a little longer and heavier ( lbs unloaded). The RMR holographic sight was perfect for live fire kill house evolutions where Marines couldn’t afford to be tunneled into the SDO while in a MOUT environment.

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The display looked fine during my brief hands-on time and seemed to be just about bright enough. Colours don’t shift much when viewing the display off axis, but the brightness levels drop drastically.

Impressions Its All RightImpressions Its All RightImpressions Its All RightImpressions Its All Right