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For centuries, Bulgaria has been the country producing world’s highest quality rose oil. In Bulgaria, the first rose plantations appeared around the town of Kazanlak in 16th century. The climatic and soil conditions of the Kazanlak area proved to be more favorable than any other place. Gradually the number of rose plantations grew occupying a large area in central Bulgaria, known as the Valley of Roses. For more than 400 years, the Bulgarian Rose Valley has been considered the world center for rose oil production. Surrounded by two majestic mountains, the Balkan Mountain and Sredna Gora, the Valley of Roses is considered to have the best soil structure, air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation for obtaining the finest and most sought-after rose oil in the world. The mesmerizing Valley of Roses is also the home to all of Alteya’s rose plantations.

The Cleveland Cavaliers point guard may never regain that explosive style of play that made him a perennial All-Star, but it's clear that his legion of fans will always have his back.

In his trial career, spanning more than 39 years, Marty has tried scores of cases in state and federal courts all over the country. His experience has shown that when the opposition knows you are prepared to try the case — and will try it if a favorable settlement is not achieved — that threat works to his clients’ advantage.

Rose Rose Emotional DisturbanceRose Rose Emotional DisturbanceRose Rose Emotional DisturbanceRose Rose Emotional Disturbance