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As to differences of style, regularities of form and tradition do occur such that it is possible to attribute particular African art objects to particular places, regions, or periods. Four distinct variables make this kind of stylistic identification possible. The first is geography, in that, all other things being equal, people in different places tend to make or do things in different ways. The second is technology, in that in some areas differences of style depend on the material employed. The third is individuality, in that an expert can identify the works of individual artists; inability to do so usually derives from a lack of familiarity. The fourth is institution, in that the creation of works of art takes place under the influence of the social and cultural institutions characteristic of any given location. But artifacts can be traded and then copied; artists themselves can travel; institutions, complete with associated artifacts, can move or spread from one area to another, sometimes because they are copied by a neighbouring people, sometimes because they are purchased, and sometimes as a result of conquest. The end result is a stylistic complexity in African art that defies easy classification. The names previously understood as referring to tribes can continue to be used, however, as convenient shorthand as long as it is realized that they do not all represent equivalent categories. One tribal name may refer to a group numbering no more than a few thousand; another may refer to the language spoken in a given area; yet another may describe an empire comprising peoples of distinct historical identities.

"If you the men of Ashanti will not go forward, then we will. We the women will. I shall call upon you my fellow women. We will fight the white men. We will fight until the last of us falls in the battlefield."

the most celebrated and socially successful architect
ever to come out of Springfield, Missouri was....
"Don Russell"
Even from the beginning in the early 1930's,
to have a Don Russell home,
bestows upon its owner a certain "cachet"
of social and financial success!
One of Don's greatest regrets
is that he never dated his plans
that were so meticulously drawn
that they were almost a work of art in themselves!
He wanted every home
to adapt itself to its own environment,
surrounded by huge "exposed" beams and skylights
as part of every roof.
So as fate would have it,
an idea to build a house
over a peaceful rolling natural spring
was born in 1960.
Massive steel I-beams support the house over the water
while huge wood beams, taken from a dam at one time,
measuring 30" square and 60'long
support the roof of the portico
on perhaps the most iconic and unique
Don Russell home ever constructed.
Fast forward 47 years,
3 owners, and the special property on Lone Pine
would be named by
Michael and Lisa Willhoit,
"The African Queen."
Though only a dream at this time,
with tons of hard work, planning,
and never forgetting to follow your dream,
the property was finally purchased
by the Willhoit's on September 9, 2013!
Without question,
a day we will never forget as "The African Queen"
was to start on its remarkable transformation!
So perhaps after years of speculation and mystery,
the home on Lone Pine Avenue in Springfield Missouri
is finally complete.
The finished product is nothing short of spectacular.
Carefully finished and furnished with
custom, hand-made one-off pieces,
gathered from all over the world.
These pieces include:

Designing the striking landscaping
took just as much thought and planning
as the home's interior.
The breathtaking water features and grounds
were drawn and created by
Steven Butts of Houston, Texas.
His design is what really accented
the natural spring fed creek
that runs under the Queen all year round at 55 degrees.
Cliff Fitzwater of Fitz-Water Design
did unbelievable job making the lake,
bubbling rock and 17' half moon 4' waterfall
a focal point of the entire African Queen Estate.
This Sprawling Estate of 6 M/L Acres is located
WITHIN the City Limits of Springfield, Missouri!! WOW!!!!
Unheard of Acreage in this day and age!!
All and all,
a 10 year dream was finally completed
after two intense years
by Michael Dobbs and Eric Stuhlsatz Homes LLC,
along with the finest craftsmen from all over the World.
Please, enjoy The African Queen in its entire splendor!

The African Queen Estate is WITHOUT QUESTION
One of the Most Iconic, Unique, Handmade, "One of One"
Exotically furnished Properties available ANYWHERE in the Country!

After an extensive 36 Hour Photo Shoot
the final photos were hand selected by Michael and Lisa
and a specially commissioned Hard Bound Book
measuring 13" X 11" with 57 pages was created!
This is available upon request for a nominal fee
If you see the book and have the Money

Michael B. and Lisa L. Willhoit

African art : African art , the visual arts of native Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, including such media as sculpture, painting, pottery, rock art, textiles ...

Also from Ghana, the Lobi people of Cape Coast perform the Bawa dance. It is primarily a prayer, thanksgiving, and general celebratory dance. The following video has a nice intro to the dance.

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