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That doesn’t mean I Made Bogey is necessarily going to prevail, though. Trademark suits are expensive to defend, and there’s no guarantee the maker of Titties hats will come out on top. If you want a lewd golf hat, act sooner rather than later.

Do you Kroger folks even give a damn about customer service. It appears from the letters above that you don’t. Do you not even contact the customers to try to correct problems? I personally am just about ready to look up an HEB to shop at. When I lived in Texas before, Kroger was not like this!!!! If, however, you are affiliated with TARGET, I guess I understand. They have gone to hell in a handbasket and so, too, it seems Kroger followed.

This is probably the most significant single discography that I have ever compiled. In terms of the sheer number of releases, by such a ...

Although Luigi is not a default character in Mario Golf: Advance Tour , he is unlockable by linking the game with Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour . His stats are about the same as in Toadstool Tour , hitting 206 yards instead of 207.

Mauro “Moe” Abbato, the owner of Complete Vending, which supplied cigarettes to Sir John’s, told Agent Cuzzupe during an interview that he has known and been a supplier for Rotolo since he started his business in 1981. He initially loaned Rotolo $5,000 that would be repaid through machine proceeds, and he supplied Agent Cuzzupe with collection slips as evidence of this loan. During his private testimony, however, Abbato contradicted what hehad said in the interview: