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According to The Transformers ' version, in the days of Megatron , Decepticons developed the art of espionage using cassette technology. Their first cassette, Laserbeak, could fly undetected into any Autobot stronghold, record information and then return to base. Then the Decepticons decided to increase their spying abilities with Ratbat. As a bat , Ratbat can hide in crevices that Laserbeak can't reach, and is especially effective in tunnels, caves or in the darkness of space. Ratbat records from the Autobots' most carefully guarded secrets. The Autobots had no choice but to strike back with these Decepticon techniques of stealth, building their own force of cassette Transformers, with Blaster as their guardian. They constructed Ramhorn, the rhino, who can use animalistic force if cornered, and Steeljaw, the lion, who can crawl through the foliage of any alien world, to sneak up on Decepticons. They also bolstered their cassette force with Rewind and Eject, who can transform to robot mode and use more conventional fighting force techniques.

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The Decepticons had conquered Cybertron by 2005 in the animated film, The Transformers: The Movie . After hearing of an Autobot supply run on Energon, Megatron led Decepticon forces to commandeer the Autobots’ shuttle and kill the crew, and proceeded with an attack on Autobot City on Earth. Optimus Prime arrived there and confronted Megatron in an epic battle. Prime later died and Megatron was mortally wounded. On the Decepticons ' return journey to Cybertron, Megatron, who was still functional, was jettisoned into space along with several other fallen Decepticons in order to reduce Astrotrain 's mass to reach Cybertron. The end seemed to be near for Megatron—but it was not to be, as he was summoned by Unicron , who made him an offer - in return for Megatron's service, he would give him a new body and new troops to command. Facing destruction as an alternative, Megatron agreed to Unicron's offer, and was reformatted as Galvatron . Commanded by Unicron to destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership , Galvatron first returned to Cybertron to take revenge on Starscream , who had set him adrift in space and was now being crowned as the new Decepticon leader in a pompous ceremony. Demonstrating his new power, Galvatron annihilated Starscream with a single blast from his new cannon mode. The other Decepticons quickly accepted Galvatron as their leader.

The Decepticon leader turned his attention back to the human boy, but was suddenly attacked by the human fighter jets and Captain Lennox 's ground soldiers firing sabot rounds. Optimus took this chance, striking Megatron and knocking him down. His armor a damaged, shattered mess, Megatron ignored the punishment and focused on the human boy, growling that he would kill the boy and that the AllSpark was his. As Optimus Prime ordered the boy to place the AllSpark into his chest, the human instead pushed it into the now-exposed spark in Megatron's chest, overloading him with energy and extinguishing the Decepticon's life force. As Optimus Prime stood over Megatron's lifeless shell, watching the light flicker out of his brother's optics , he remarked somberly, yet remorsefully, that Megatron had left him no choice, and removed a shard of the AllSpark from his brother's spark core.

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When Optimus Prime dealt a crushing blow to Megatron in the Battle of Chicago, the triumph was short-lived. The victorious Autobots were rewarded with exile and new enemies determined to bring about their total destruction. If there was ever any doubt, the Autobots now know for certain: as long as there is a Decepticon with a spark in his circuits, their centuries-old war will continue. Gear up for massive Transformers action with this awesome 2-in-1 Galvatron figure! This Decepticon warrior is a heavily armed dynamo in robot mode, firing blasts at the Autobots with his cannon. But he'll mow them down when he's in rumbling semi truck mode! Convert him back and forth as the battle rages on! Can any enemy stand against him? There's only one way to find out!

When Decepticons Frenzy and Starscream freed him, he rose again and went into Mission City fighting the Autobots. Decepticons Blackout, Brawl , and Starscream where also in battle against Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, and Jazz. He killed Autobot officer Jazz by ripping him in half. Soon afterwards, Optimus Prime came in and the two long-time rivals fiercely dueled each other. Megatron and Optimus fought over their opinion of the human race: Megatron believed humans didn't deserve to live, while Optimus believed that humans deserved to choose for themselves. Hearing this, the rage-filled Megatron ordered Optimus to join the human race in extinction and tossed him aside. Megatron then formed his fusion cannon, but before he could fire, Optimus fired a shot from his ion blaster, hitting the Decepticon in the shoulder. Megatron shrugged off this attack and fired his fusion cannon, sending Prime flying into a building.

Megatron will attempt almost anything to achieve his goals, but his schemes are rarely in any way subtle. This is perhaps due to his arrogance, but his pride is not so strong as to dissuade him from abandoning a battle he is losing. He often shows dramatic examples of cowardice, concealed in rage. Although he isn't as physically strong as Optimus, his ability to analyse any situation and utilize it as a weapon makes the Decepticons deadly, so they can find energy sources almost immediately. Some would question his sanity, though these few are mostly now dead by his hands... or his fusion cannon, depending on his mood. Sometimes he uses his energon mace to strike them down. It does not matter how they die. Death by the hands of Megatron is an honour.

Fusion Megatron ManFusion Megatron ManFusion Megatron ManFusion Megatron Man