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Morning Oregonian , 1908

The two names on the 1908 newspaper picture above, Paul Wessinger and Henry Wagner, were the two sons-in-law of Henry Weinhard. The following profile on Paul Wessinger is taken from the History of the Columbia River Valley From The Dalles to the Sea, Vol. III, Published 1928, Pages 782-785; S. J. Clarke Publishing Co.  

These geyser observations, along with the finding of escaping internal heat and very few (if any) impact craters in the south polar region, show that Enceladus is currently geologically active. Like many other satellites in the extensive systems of the giant planets , Enceladus is trapped in an orbital resonance . Its resonance with Dione excites its orbital eccentricity , which is damped by tidal forces , tidally heating its interior and driving the geological activity. [26]

Pale Fountains Just A GirlPale Fountains Just A GirlPale Fountains Just A GirlPale Fountains Just A Girl