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The first season debuted on 5 July 2007 on the Nine Network , who invested $15 million into the programme. [2] The second season of Sea Patrol , titled Sea Patrol II: The Coup , aired in 2008, while the third season, Sea Patrol: Red Gold , aired in 2009. The fourth season aired in 2010 in a new 16-episode format, with no main theme or continuous storyline running throughout, unlike the first three seasons.

In Year 1 , most patrol missions gave 10 reputation each, while missions to kill a specific target gave 25 reputation. In Year 2 , patrol missions gave 10, 15, and 25 reputation; they also now automatically grant Faction reputation at half the Vanguard reputation amount. After the update of April 2016, Kill and Collection patrol missions now give 20 Faction reputation and 40 Vanguard reputation, while all others give 25 and 50 reputation, respectively.

The Mossberg MVP product line is based off of the Patriot line of bolt action rifles.  What makes the MVP series unique, the ability to feed from commonly available detachable magazines.  The 223 MVP feeds from a standard AR-15/M16 M4 magazine , while the 308 MVP rifle feeds from either a AR-15 DPMS AR308 or M14 magazine .  The ability to readily accept these magazines at a fairly low price point undoubtedly has contributed to the obvious commercial success of the series of rifle.

Various Second PatrolVarious Second PatrolVarious Second PatrolVarious Second Patrol