Buttocks fuckin in the buttocks - MMSA story - Adam at Seventeen - Chapter 1 - Flogging.

The Buttocks are praised as the first German punk band to release a real political album in Germany. The debut EP was released in 1979 and was self-titled. The Buttocks existed until 1983.

You've seen them strolling down the street. Sexy teen sluts with the T-back of their thong panties hanging out the back of their low cut blue-jeans! Shaped like a whale's tail these public panty displays beckon your eyes down below to that perfect ass and the deep crack crevice that leads you to the wildest, wettest and tightest fuck-holes you'll ever find! It's like a map to sunken treasure made out of lingerie bottoms and her open attitude toward sex with strangers!

Buttocks Fuckin In The Buttocks